Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hilary - Kinetic (part 2)

OK, so I posted the 12-inch for Hilary's Kinetic a couple of months ago and someone asked me for I LIVE by Hilary. I only had the Kinetic 12-inch with the b-side Drop Your Pants. SOOO...Last weekend my fiance and I are shopping at our favourite local thrift store and I brows through the records as usual. The bin is always filled with 60's Andy Williams and Barbara Streisand and old disco records and other things no one could ever want....but.....what's THIS??? Is that a copy of Kinetic???.......the American 12-inch with the 4 songs????......what is THIS doing here???

How strange....a true treasure amongst the piles of Bee-gees and Robert Goulet records.....WOW.....so...here's the other two songs.

I was also sad to learn that Hilary has passed away recently




nenuphar said...

Wonderful! They are interesting tracks. Not quite as dancey as Kinetic and Drop Your Pants, but a glimpse into her artistic vision.

Anonymous said...

I'm that guy..

thank you sooo much for posting this!!

rule u do!

DaViDz said...

Just today I found your blog through a link from Mine For Life. I'm scrolling through and I see "I Live" by Hilary. Wow. Back in '83-'84, I worked for an independent record promoter and we worked "Kinetic" / "Drop Your Pants" to local dance clubs. I also got ahold of a 12" of "I Live" / "Kinetic" on her own label (Sirius Records) on clear vinyl! The mix of "I Live" is slightly different from the commercially released 12". I'm also sorry to hear she passed away. I still love "I Live". Thanks for posting!

john said...
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