Wednesday, February 18, 2009


In 1981, Way Of The West released their debut single, "Don't Say That's Just For White Boys". The B side was "Prove It". The English new wave band released five singles by 1984 but disappeared before releasing an album. It's too bad cause this is a fantastic slice of post punk attitude. Here's the 12-inch version. it DOES go on a bit too long, but 12-inch singles DID that in the early 80's......all that coke keeping the club goers dancing while the DJ take a pee break. in 1984 they had a GREAT single that didn't chart but got a lot of airplay on Long Island's influential WLIR. That song was "CITY FOR LOVERS" and If I'm not mistaken, they disappeared after this. shame......

The year: 1982...the band: WIDE BOY AWAKE. the song: "SLANG TEACHER". a groovy little disco/wave number. So what do we know about them? They were formed by Ex-Adam and the Ants bassist Kevin Mooney in the early '80s. "Slang Teacher" was released as a 7" single, and also appeared on a five song EP released by RCA in 1983. The band disappeared not long after. I think they were making up most of this "slang"....."No Pain In The Mouth"? "No Long Innertube?......what the hell were they TALKING about??

In September of 1983, Intaferon released their second single, "Get Out Of London". It was backed by another version of "Get Out Of London", this being a REALLY long 12-inch mix........ The English duo released three singles but never an album. This single reached the #93 spot on the U.K. singles chart and, as usual, to us misunderstood ,trendy kids out here on Long Island we could actually relate to this number even though London was "across the pond" as they say. There are some great lyrics here. " Threw a party for my friends so they wouldn't be lonely, they wouldn't let me in they said 'Membership Only'". I mean....c'mon...THAT'S a great line.

In 1983, EMI - AMERICA tried out a new-wavy pretty-boy band called INDUSTRY. They released a 5-song EP in hopes that it would sell and this would lead to an album deal.

It didn't....and it didn't. But they did have a cute little video on MTV and got semi-famous for all of 15 minutes....or at least 4 minutes and 35 seconds. I always liked STATE OF THE NATION, but listening to it now it IS a bit of it's time and it's so sugary it'll give your ear diabetes.