Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dead Can Dance - Derek's Mixes

Ok, seems that by posting those remixes I did of George Carlin and Laurie Anderson recently I started thinking about what else I may have messed with in the not-so distant past. Then I came across a tape labled "DEAD CAN DANCE REMIXES" and threw it on. HA!! NOW I remember.
It always struck me how odd it was that DEAD CAN DANCE never really " did" the dance remix. Their crowd is as much Goth and New Wave as it is World music. By the way....seeing them at Radio City Music Hall a few years ago was the single greatest concert experience of my life....They are a phenominal live act...and if they ever come to your area they MUST BE SEEN!!!!!
Now, as I said in the Laurie Anderson post, these were done with a 4-track cassette recorder, a drum sample, and I added some's very primitive by today's standards. Every idiot with Pro-Tools or Acid or whatever else they have out there can do mixes much more sophisticated than this.....but ,'s MY blog and I can post whatever I THERE!!!


The Comateens were formed in New York in 1980 by Ramona Jan (guitar), Nik North (bass, vocals), and a drum machine. After Lyn Byrd (synthesizer, vocals) and Oliver North (guitar, vocals) joined the group, they recorded their self-titled debut LP in 1981. The album became a cult favorite among college hipsters, especially the band's remake of “The Munsters Theme". However, the Comateens actually gained a larger following in Europe, wherein the group's quirks – such as the necrophilia tale “Cool Chick" – were more easily digested. The band released two more LPs – 1983's Pictures on a String and 1984's Deal With It – and then split up in 1985. Byrd and Oliver North eventually reunited in North and Byrd, but North passed away soon thereafter. Here's some stuff from PICTURES ON A STRING. Released in 1983 (again......THAT YEAR...what is it about THAT YEAR ?) a side note...I don't own the First self titled Comateens album.....does anyone out there have it????