Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Cure invented Mash-Ups (link fixed)

OK....not REALLY, but this 1981 side project had a very interesting history......
Cult Hero's " I'M A CULT HERO" b/w "I DIG YOU" is a very unique oddity.
The single was conceived by Robert Smith (singer/guitarist of The Cure) and Simon Gallup (then bassist of The Magspies) as a way to test their musical compatibility. Smith was considering Gallup as a prospective replacement for Michael Dempsey (The Cure's bassist at the time) "whose personality and ambitions for the band were seriously at odds" with Smith's.
The songs were written for, and feature on vocals, local Horley postman Frank Bell, who is also featured on the single's artwork. They also feature ex-Cure guitarist Porl Thompson and Magspies keyboardist Matthieu Hartley amongst an extended lineup of friends and family, including Robert's sisters Janet and Margaret and local band The Obtainers. Most people today can find this gem on the deluxe edition of the Cure's "17 Seconds" CD But the version I'm about to give you has never...and WILL never be released.
In the 80's, Long Island's influential radio station played a 12-inch remix of "I DIG YOU" that was actually put together by a mysterious DJ. Only a couple of people had this because of the unique nature of the remix.....pieces of the Beatles " Day Tripper" and "Birthday" are scattered throughout. As is "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones and Madness' "One Step Beyond". In doing this I think he (or she) inadvertently invented the Mash-Up.....a good 20 years before it took off....A Really good friend of mine gave me a copy he recorded on a cassette tape in the early 80's...right off the radio..... and here's that version........cherish it........