Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Howard Jones

Howard Jones burst on to the Burgeoning New Wave scene in 1983. (Again...there's THAT YEAR....just how many records were released in 1983 I'd like to know)

His first single, "NEW SONG", was a catchy little ditty that caught both coasts by storm. Here's the 12-inch version. I loved that song but I think that the first B-side, "CHANGE THE MAN" was much better. The 12-inch single also included "CONDITIONING" . This version is quite different from the one that would be his lead off track off his debut LP " Human's Lib"

His next single would be the Brassy "PEARL IN THE SHELL". and here's the 12-inch extended version. This great 12-inch single also included a version of "CONDITIONING" with the title " TOTAL CONDITIONING" and it too was a different version that what would end up on Human's Lib. This version runs 8 minutes.....so THERE !!! The 3rd song off the 12-inch was a nice little ditty called "LAW OF THE JUNGLE".

Howard Jones later went on to massive success with his "Dream Into Action" LP and the inescapable " Things Can Only Get Better" , but as always his beginnings were a lot more interesting than where he would end up.

Which, Ironically, was on Long Island this summer playing a free concert at a nearby beach. I got to meet him. He signed a T-shirt of Human's Lib which I bought at the show and while he signed it I got to briefly speak with him. I told him he was the first concert I had ever seen. In 1983 he played with Martha & The Muffins and the Eurythmics at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in Queens. After a long pause I added...."We're OLD !!"..............