Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Here we are....FINALLY.......today is the season finale of the drama we call ELECTION. Which one of your favourite characters win ? Will it be Grampa Grumpy-pants? LORD I HOPE NOT!!!!
But that would be an unpredictable twist, wouldn't it........PLEASE...NO SURPRISE ENDINGS AMERICA!!!!
Well....if things go the way I THINK they will go , tomorrow we will have our first African American president-elect. The Republicans will wonder where it all went wrong. There are SOOO many reasons but I'll tell you when I think it first happened. If you'll remember during the Republican convention when Giulliani was speaking he said ever so snarkily:" Barack Obama was a community organizer.......WHAT???" and the audience of bloated conservatives laughed like a bunch of giddy Frenchmen....
Well......A community organizer organizes COMMUNITIES!!! And the Obama campaign has done a fantastic job of organizing the entire NATION , the biggest community of all. So that's what you all get for looking down on community organizers you spoiled, rich, nasty elephants!......GO BACK TO ALASKA and wave to Russia from your window miss brain-dead whack-job. Time to think about retiring before your senility gets any worse creepy Grampa........
Like the great philosopher Peter Brady said : "WHEN IT'S TIME TO CHANGE YOU KNOW IT'S ....TIME TO CHANGE."