Friday, July 11, 2008

Coldplay's LOST!

I decided to record a cover of the new Coldplay song " LOST!" just for fun......for kicks....just for a larf.....and for added kicks, wanted to create a video for YOUTUBE, cause everybody on Earth and their mother seems to have recorded a version of this song.....the fricken albums only been out a month.....CRAZY.
The video is just clips recorded in Vegas in 2000, but the images were the least of my's all for fun
Coldplay's Lost....covered by me

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Classic 12-inch THE CURE - LET'S GO TO BED

Released on Sire records in 1983, This is where the Cure broke through the Gothic fog of their beginnings and into the bright light of sunny New Wave. At the time Robert Smith thought it would be frowned upon, but in reality these are the songs that broke through to the States courtesy of forward thinking radio stations like New York's WLIR. I was surprised that in the past couple of years while Rhino was re-issuing all their back catalogue, they somehow didn't think to include this classic on anything. So far there are very few of the classic 12-inch remixes available on CD. 1983 might just be the quintessential year for New Wave. The B-side, JUST ONE KISS was also a fantastic song. Very Doors-like in it's dreamy-ness.