Wednesday, September 24, 2008

May You Live In Interesting Times

You know....whoever said "May You Live in Interesting Times" should have had the decency to at least be alive right now. I'd slap that idiot in the face......
I have no words really.....I mean....I don't think I can ever get my head around how screwed we are as a a a people. The Economy......Perhaps I'm overreacting. I mean....I was a small child in the late 70's. I remember the gas lines.....the crime in NYC.....the panic in the cities....but that all seems so quaint now, doesn't it? all that cute looting. How adorable. What's going on now seems so......BIG!!! Like this is truly the beginning of something horrible for EVERYONE
Or perhaps this will all blow over in a week or two and everything will go back to normal and we'll all be cozy and snugly in our beds and our outgoing leader will fix all this mess before he heads out of office.........
So Now I see that Bush is going to come out of his Hidey-hole and actually speak to us in a few minutes.......double HA!!!!

Paul Haig - Heaven Help You Now 12-inch