Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This'll Do Nicely

In the world of SKA, no band get's overlooked when speaking about the second wave more than BAD MANNERS. They kinda came too late to fully enjoy the 2-tone movement, and were too old to fully take advantage of the 3rd wave one. Too bad for them. They actually were one of the more lively bunch out there. being as they came to the party late, by the time they got a record deal in America, the Ska movement had died and New Wave was in full swing. They couldn't really DO New Wave well, but they gave it a shot.
" That'll Do Nicely" was one of the brighter spots of 1984. This is the 12-inch version, even WITH that little " Ooh....Ah....Ooh...Ah" breakdown that sounds a little too close to FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD the 12-inch remix is much superior to the 7-inch version although that one has it's charms .

Sunday, May 18, 2008


THE DANSE SOCIETY are one of those overlooked bands. They had quite the " Goth" following, although they were more New Wave than Goth.
HEAVEN IS WAITING was released in December 1983 by Arista .I consider it one of the all-time greatest New Wave/Goth songs ever recorded. The album contained a cover of the Rolling Stones classic "2000 Light Years from Home", also edited in 1984 as 12" single and as a limited edition double single.
But I'm rather partial to " HOLD ON (TO WHAT YOU'VE GOT)".
It's not as immediate as Heaven Is Waiting and it suffers from a somewhat dated production, but I think they were on to something here.
In 1986, the other band members left to form Johnny In The Clouds, leaving Rawlings to carry on as Danse Society International for an album Looking Through, reappearing in 1987 simply as Society with a single, "Saturn Girl". After 1987, Rawlings continued to pursue his path in music with the electronic dance music act Meridian Dream.