Thursday, June 19, 2008

HILARY - Drop Your Pants (Re-uploaded)

In 1983, Hilary Blake, a 33 year old from Los Angeles released a 4 track 12-inch single called KINETIC. That song got some airplay on WLIR, but it was the B-side that made fans long for more Hilary.

DROP YOUR PANTS has that catchy Yaz-like synthpop, but was SOO much sexier than anything Alison Moyet would ever sing about.

As far as I know, she never released anything else. She was once asked about promotional videos and she replied "Yes - there is a video for Kinetic. Actually, I wanted to do a cartoon video for Drop Your Pants, but the people at the label thought DYP would never get any airplay. So ...of course...DYP broke out as my single and I had no video for it."

AH...and those LYRICS....." Drop your pants around your ankles, you make me shiver when you deliver"'s so beautiful, it should have become a wedding standard. Perhaps if a more recent Hilary ,(CLINTON), had used this song she might have possibly gotten the Democratic nomination.