Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dead Can Dance - Derek's Mixes

Ok, seems that by posting those remixes I did of George Carlin and Laurie Anderson recently I started thinking about what else I may have messed with in the not-so distant past. Then I came across a tape labled "DEAD CAN DANCE REMIXES" and threw it on. HA!! NOW I remember.
It always struck me how odd it was that DEAD CAN DANCE never really " did" the dance remix. Their crowd is as much Goth and New Wave as it is World music. By the way....seeing them at Radio City Music Hall a few years ago was the single greatest concert experience of my life....They are a phenominal live act...and if they ever come to your area they MUST BE SEEN!!!!!
Now, as I said in the Laurie Anderson post, these were done with a 4-track cassette recorder, a drum sample, and I added some's very primitive by today's standards. Every idiot with Pro-Tools or Acid or whatever else they have out there can do mixes much more sophisticated than this.....but ,'s MY blog and I can post whatever I THERE!!!

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Αναγνώστης said...

The link for the Xavier remix is not working.
BTW the remix of the "anywhere out of the world" is awesome!

Man, you ve captured the spirit of the song... the sampling is dark, spiritual and transcendental...

I wish for you the best and I hope you have the chance to produce it in professional CD with proper studio equipments..
Looking forward to Xavier's mix