Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Classic 12-inch: THE PUPPETS - WAY OF LIFE

Released on the independent label QUALITY Records, the Puppets " WAY OF LIFE" didn't quite fit into the mainstream. In fact, most of the country never heard their one and only " hit". Influential Long Island radio station WLIR played the hell out of it in 1983 (again.....there's THAT year) but it only manage to bubble under the Billboard Hot 100. Here's an interesting story. I owned both the 12-inch AND the 45RPM single. I didn't need both so I put up the 45 on EBAY to sell. A man e-mailed me that was bidding for, but did not win, the item and asked me if I had any more. I didn't and told him I only had the 12-inch. He owned that as well and did not need it. Turns out he was IN the Puppets. And he never got a copy of the 45 when he was actually IN the band. We E-mailed each other back and forth a couple of times. He told me there were plans to record an album, but after the single HIT in the New York market egos got in the way and the band disintegrated before an album deal could be worked out....kinda like what happens to the Oneders in THAT THING YOU DO. The man I spoke to (forgot his name....) is now writing and recording jingles and background music for television.





Anonymous said...

This is still a great song. A very simple, yet nicely done arrangement. I would have been curious to see/hear where these guys would have gone musicall if theyy had not disbanded and cut a proper album back then. What a shame. Thanks for posting this!

glass splinters said...

Hi I just discovered your blog and LOVE it.

I am pretty sure the guy you were talking to regarding this was named Chris. He's a friend of ours; my husband and brother in law know him from the synth-pop scene here in nyc cos they're all in bands still or still doing music :)

Still love this song. I totally remember 'LIR playing it all the time - I so miss all that great music.

Anonymous said...

Any way you can repost this? I haven't heard it in AGES and found your site but the songs have expired.

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