Saturday, June 7, 2008

THE BRIANS - My Brother's Famous

Who ARE these people? As a child I used to frequent local record stores in and around Huntington Village, Long Island, where I grew up. Sometimes all it took for me to purchase a new 45 was an interesting picture sleeve. I think this cover qualifies...There's Frank Sinatra, John Travolta, Elvis Costello and Marlon Brando...IN THE SAME BAND? I don't care WHAT it sounds like...I'm buying it.

Lucky for me that the music was great as well.....a nice MADNESS style bit of English whimsy who's message is " Hey....My brother is famous and has a lot of money and I should have it.....". I'm sure we can all relate....actually....NO...I can't relate to that at ALL, but it doesn't matter really now does it?

The sleeve of THE BRIANS' single "My Brother's Famous" (DinDisc [UK] 7) lists the group members as Brian Sinatra, Brian Travolta, Brian Costello, Brian Brando, and Brian Stewart; producer credit on the B-side goes to Brian Spector. I wish I knew more about them....who they really are, what they all became, if they ever released anything else...I guess I'll never know.


Howler said...

Had this record for years, always went down well at parties, and I still don't know who did it. Glad there's still some mysteries in The Universe.

Howler said...