Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cartoon Themes That Time Forgot

Perhaps this was an EXTREMELY local thing, but sometime in the late 70's/early 80's in New York in the afternoon channel 5 used to show " Popeye And Friends". It was a nice little collection of cartoons made God knows how long ago. ( We used to watch ANYTHING back in the 70's...cause we didn't have more than 5 choices of channels at the time......ah those were the days).
The unique thing about this show was it's theme song.........It took me a couple of years to discover that the theme was, in fact PAUL McCARTNEY's " Hot As Sun"....but it sure sounded different...... I have a feeling WYNY Channel 5 in New York couldn't actually get the RIGHTS to a McCatney track, so they sped up the album version ( playing it at 45RPM instead I LOVE records). I'm sure that Paul still has no idea they used this instrumental track from his debut solo album MCcCARTNEY, and because this was the first version I ever heard of this song THIS one sounds " right" to me, while the LP version sounds too slow.........

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