Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer's Over

It's dark now when I go to work.....it'll soon be dark as I drive home....The Long Hot Summer has passed us by and soon the leaves will start to turn all kinds of pretty colours and we'll start wearing jackets and then it will get cold and snowy and depressing and I HATE the cold and who cares about snow and DAMN!! It's November and John McCain just won the election and the banks are all bankrupt and the housing market has gone bust and unemployment is at it's highest since the great depression and WAIT...John McCain just had a heart attack and now Sarah Palin's been sworn in as President and she has just outlawed sex and made all Americans convert to Christianity and volcano's are erupting all over the world and we're at war with Canada because Sarah can see it from her home base in Alaska and she thinks Canadians are all Satanists and all the ice caps have meted but Mrs. President says everything is fine because Alaska is still in tact and the Palin family begin to repopulate the world because we've all died but those that survived turn to cannibalism and..........uh...........where was I?
Oh yeah.....Summer's ending, so here's a mix:

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Wolfie! said...

But for us Aussies, It just turned Spring!!!! YES!!!! Woo-Hoo!

Still a bit cold though, but soon... mmmmm good :)