Thursday, September 18, 2008

Peter, Paul & Monkey 2004 I visited Vegas as I had done every year since 2000. My best Friend Vince and his wife Tori and I decide to tackle Crosby Stills & Nash as just one of our many Karaoke selections.We decided this while driving around Las Vegas one night and Suite Judy Blue Eyes came on the radio....and we started singing (sorta) in 3 part harmony...or at least we tried.

At one point in this video I say "We're like the freakin' Bee-Gees". The Karaoke MC asks "Which One's Dead?" and both myself and vince point to us. Quite funny

That worked out well so then we did Fish Heads

I'm sorry..........really......


Anonymous said...

This is Vince.
I sent a link of THIS to the iamaphony blogspot gang!
Just to prove that I exist!

JC said...

dont be cheered me up!

djethell said...

OMG! I haven't this heard since I was 14, which is kinda some time ago now. Cheers!