Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mummys, Werewolves and Vampires. Oh My

It's that time again's Halloween. Yay.....whooo....big whoop. The best thing about Halloween has always been the music, so here's a couple of treats for ya
From Ska masters BAD MANNERS comes their version of an old 50's novelty song. "I'm A Mummy" made me laugh the first second I heard it. This should replace Monster Mash as the most popular Halloween song ever....but it won't
I posted this classic SCREAMING TRIBESMEN song last year, but this should remain in people's heads and hearts EVERY year. So here it is again. "A DATE WITH A VAMPIRE". I also posted the Bollock Brothers "HORROR MOVIES" last year too. But here it is again.
If you're a fan of "30 ROCK" (and who isn't...besides...uh...Neilson viewers) then you might have missed it last year when in one of those ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT-style quick jokes they like to do, they showed a 5 second clip of Tracey Morgan's character in an old Halloween video called "WEREWOLF BAR MITZVAH". The joke and clip went by sooo fast, but I found the entire song on-line last year. It's funny, even without the Michael Jackson Thriller-inspired video parody to accompany it. It's kitsch, but I love it.....
And Finally.......what would Halloween be without a nod to the original Twilight star, Count Dracula. So here's the Bollock Brothers again...with "DRAC'S BACK"


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