Tuesday, July 28, 2009


OK....I know, I know. I've been busy. Haven't posted anything in a real long time. So, now what to do? Since I'm going through all my records (with the goal of selling them all on EBAY) and putting them on disc (to upload to my Itunes) I'm thinking very alphabetically at the moment. So let's put up a few forgotten classic with artists that begin with "A":
This one isn't so forgotten, but if you are the average American you probably haven't heard this for a while. These Germans formed in 1982, and in 1984 they recorded this, their biggest hit. Funny how time has been kind to "Forever Young", but not to this gem. This is the original 12-inch mix.


If you were listening to WLIR in 1985 you might have caught this British import New Wave dance classic on "Off The Boat". Never charted here but I've always loved this tune. Reminds me of Spize, Paris New York and Malibu, although I don't recall hearing this at any of those clubs. I have no idea about where these guys came from, what ever became of them, or even if they actually HAD a full length album. This is all I know. And sometimes, that's enough.

Speaking of bands I know nothing about: AKU-AKU - "THE NIGHT BELONGS TO CHARLIE"
I can find no info on this band. And if you weren't listening to WLIR in the early 80's you probably have never heard this either. Shame, cause this track always seemed to make it on the very many mix tapes I made for people in the 80's.

OK....This is more like it, No?
A-HA - "THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES ON TV". Here's the extended mix. Great song by a band that continues to record to this day. They are HUGE in Europe still, but then again, so is David Hasslehoff.

In the 80's a bizarre thing happened in America: songs sung in German actually CHARTED here......first it was 99 Luftballoons by Nena. Then Falco had a minor hit with "Der Kommissar" where he raps in German. How silly.....Hey, let's get some Americans to do this track in English. And unlike Nena changing her Luft Balloons to RED balloons, this actually WORKED. So as an added bonus, here's a unique mix of the classic Falco-penned "DER KOMMISSAR" by AFTER THE FIRE. They never scored another hit here, or anywhere else (although, bizarrely, their label decided to follow up Der Kommissar with "DANCING IN THE SHADOWS", which was the B-side to "Der Kommissar".
Stupid move, since everyone already OWNED the song. What were they thinking? I took the 12-inch mix of this track and mixed in the instrumental flip side on the 12-inch to create a unique mix. I hope y'all like it.


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