Sunday, May 17, 2009

RANDOM - Part two

I KNOW...I KNOW....I haven't written in over 6 weeks...been busy at the 'ol day job and sleepy at night....but I have a couple of minutes so here goes another post. Since I can't think of any particular thing to write about I think I'll just take the IPOD, hit SHUFFLE SONGS, and write about whatever comes we go:

WEEN - "EVEN IF YOU DON'T".........

Wow.....great first track. This is from Ween's White Pepper album, one of the better Ween albums. This track is SOOOOO 10CC I'm surprised they haven't tried to sue. LOVE this song though. If it didn't come out in 2000 I'd swear it was recorded in 1976.



Good track from a good album. This comes from the Fixx's 1984 album PHANTOMS. Some great tracks on this LP. "SUNSHINE IN THE SHADE" and "ARE WE OURSELVES" being the two stand-outs. Also contains "WOMAN ON A TRAIN" which I think should have been a wasn't. Next


Cool........from their "comeback" album Accelerate, this was the first single. Great to see R.E.M. getting a bit louder and rockier in their old age. This song reminds me of last year when my fiance and I saw R.E.M. at Jones Beach and almost got hit by lightning. Then the skies opened up and we got soaked.....the band was great but I can't wait til the next time we see them...hopefully we'll be dry. next


From the great Architecture & Morality album.....Here's a remix of the classic track "Souvenir". I'm not sure who did this mix and I'm not sure where I got it....but that Piano line sounds way too Moby for it to not be Moby. This is such a beautiful song though, isn't it.

OK...that's enough for now....I SWEAR I will do another post this week....nice long 4 day weekend coming up and I'll have some time....til then......


Anonymous said...

You have a good ear for Moby. Your "Souvenir" remix is one of at least three Moby overdub remixes of the track that he did in the 1990's. This one was branded as an edit of one of the longer ones, but it's actually less techno and more minimal wave than the others.

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