Monday, May 12, 2008


What happened to these guys? They started out as a nice little post-punk funky kinda band and somehow morphed into a stadium rock act. My favourite period for INXS is definitely before Michael Hutchence had his Jim Morrison complex. SHABOOH SHOOBAH has to be one of my favourite records of the era, but THE SWING was their masterpiece, and their best song on that LP is "I SEND A MESSAGE"(MP3). Listen to this rare 12-inch mix. It's a crime that they never released this version in the states. From the strange way they used a sax in the opening to that sped-up voice at the end (YEAH) you could tell they didn't take themselves too seriously. Then he went all I NEED YOU TONIGHT on us and the GIRLS started listening....THEN HE....uh....nevermind

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