Monday, May 12, 2008

The Higsons - Run Me Down

The Higsons have never had luck with timing. They signed to the influential 2nd-wave SKA lable 2-TONE just as that scene was dying and a new one emerging. The Higsons were neither SKA nor New Wave but something in between. Their most commercial song " Run Me Down " was a medium success in their native U.K. and a local hit on influential Long Island radio station WLIR.
This here is the 12-inch version.
Marking The Higsons exit from 2 Tone, the band returned to official independent label status with their next single, "Got To Get This Heat Out" (WAAP 3), in July 1983. Their debut album 'Curse of The Higsons', finally materialised on Upright in October 1984. Terry Edwards fonts his own band these days and is a prolific session player, while Charlie Higson found fame with Paul Whitehouse on TV's The Fast Show.


Anonymous said...

The Higsons as they finally called themselves always envisioned themselves as a hard funk band. But your song choice is good. They are quite good on it. But my fave will always be their uncharacteristic cover of "Music To Watch Girls By." It gets me wantin' and wantin' to go out chasin' and... well, you know.

Anonymous said...

please please post the track again, i tried the link but no joy.
Best concert i ever went to......higsons at mandela hall, sussex uni, 1984 (I think)